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City of Hope Glendora's clerks name Yolanda and Elvia are *** and they behaved like the world owes them. These *** are fired from another clinic and now are working for COH Glendora. Beware of your privacy. City of Hope sucks ! I heard a lot of negative comments about this place and being victimized and sucking money out of the government and patients. They never cared for their patients. There are some good doctors COH in Glendora, but be... Read more

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When I was first diagnosed in 2001, I was looking for advice. I had KAISER HMO and wanted other opinions from outside doctors to get 2nd opinions. When I requested an appointment with City of Hope, I was asked to pay a $5000 deposit just to walk in the door because. I knew something was wrong. I also thought it was greedy, but I moved on and got 2nd opinions elsewhere. Unfortunately, I could not avoid City of Hopes incompetence later on when I... Read more

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In my opinion city of hope is the worst hospital I been to. The reason why is because I have cousin that has cancer.he started to spit out blood clots.nurses where saying it was normal that he was trowing blood clots from his mouth..I fought with nurses telling them no it's not normal when a person has cancer to start spitting out blood clots and they lied to me in front of my face when I ask for a doctor he came in and saw what was going on .i... Read more

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On March 2 I had surgery for breast cancer I had a double mastectomy. I was discharged on March 4 and was readmitted with complications on March 5. The initial unconfirmed diagnosis..massive infection...and tissue and nipple death on both ***. The implants were removed as were my nipples and some surrounding tissues. I believe that protocols were not followed, and have substantial evidence to prove my assertion. Allergan, the implant... Read more

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they intercepted a referral to another surgeon, delayed treatment for another 3 months, it had already been 5 months to get an appointment, then lied about surgery changes, danced around questions, lied, and wasted valuable time, then dump off the patient to another surgeon (not a coh) that is currently under investigation & probably getting license revoked by the medical board. that isn't even the topper what the so called nurse navigator... Read more

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City of hope Ranch Cucamonga cancer treatment. you have the most rudest staff at the front desk...

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I've been calling for weeks now to try and schedule an appointment for a family member and have not had any luck. Every time I am given a reason why they cannot schedule an appointment and am also given a foul attitude and no assistance or compassion. The scheduling reps have no people skills and should find other jobs. The people who are calling in are going through an emotional process! The last thing one needs is a rude/disrespectful/and... Read more

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When I transferred my care to City of Hope, they took me off the chemo prescribed elsewhere that had reduced my tumors by 95%. I begged and pleaded but they said they knew nothing about using taxol on squamous cell cancer. My case was Stage 4 with liver mets. Those were gone by the time I went to COH. I had some tumor left at the original cancer site. They put me on a different protocol despite my repeated objections. I knew that protocol killed... Read more

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Three months ago I was referred to the urology dept of City of Hope by my Nevada urologist for prostate cancer surgery. For three months, I have been jerked around by my surgeon's staff, lied to, given errands that they could have accomplished through the medical system and now have had my surgery postponed with 10 days to go because of something that could have been taken care of three months ago. The staff of the urology department treat... Read more

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I received cancer surgery for colo-rectal cancer at City of Hope hospital in Duate, Ca in 2004. The result almost killed me. Their lack of care was horrible. The hospital and doctors don't listen to your problems. they just prescribe whatever they want and send you home. I went home and went into septic shock and came within hours of dying. City of Hope wants to take no repsonsibility for anything. Don't go there for cancer unless you... Read more

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